New Dekati® eFilter™, a completely new instrument that adds real-time PM detection into a standard gravimetric filter holder. Providing real-time signal throughout the filter sampling period allows monitoring PM accumulation on the filter during different stages of the filter sampling. This real-time signal changes the standard filter holder into a sensitive, dynamic measurement instrument for modern routine emission measurements meeting US EPA requirements.





Tuesday 20th November 2018 from 9:30AM until 4:00PM 



Mr. Samuli Pylkkönen, DEKATI Technical Sales Engineer 

Dr. Mikko Moisio, DEKATI CEO & President



University of Salford

Automotive & Automotive Vehicle Technology (AAVT) Building, Salford, United Kingdom

Postcode: M5 4NT / GPS: 53°29'09.8"N 2°16'30.2"W 53.486057, -2.275047

10-15 metres from the Salford Crescent rail station 

















Refreshments, coffee & tea as well as lunch will be provided at event


Free registration for event


If you and your colleagues were unable to attend the seminars due to scheduling issues, please let us know below and we can arrange a separate visit as well as send the presentation material from the seminar.


Agenda will be set on a range of topics to choose from:

  • Stationary Source Emissions: emissions monitoring, cleaning system optimisation & research, combustion process optimisation, ESP charging efficiency

  • Engine Emissions: engine development, after-treatment device development, Euro 5B conformity measurements, PEMS, blow by emissions, exhaust sample conditioning

  • Brake wear measurements

  • Air Quality: environmental monitoring and ambient aerosol research, bioaerosol measurements, occupational health & safety

  • Gravimetric measurements: PM10, PM 2.5 & PM1.0 measurements, LDSA lung deposition surface area

  • Pharmaceutical Inhalation Device Development: bipolar charge measurements, particle net charge measurements

  • Particle measurement: real-time aerosol particle size classification analysers and systems

  • Sample conditioning systems: diluters, cyclones and other sample conditioning systems

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New sample conditioning and dilution system - Dekati® eDiluter™

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