University of Hertfordshire

COVID-19 PPE Effectiveness Measurements

River Thames diesel fuel optimisation measurement 

PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System) for RDE (Real Driving Emissions), tyre and brake wear measurements

Marine Cruise Ship Fuel Alternative Measurements

London road side air quality measurement

Marine small diesel engine emission measurements

Occupational health particle measurement 


  • 1 day to weekly or monthly measurements for particle and gas

  • Initial consultation, setup, measurement, equipment removal and data reporting 

  • Measurements in PM (Particle Mass) Concentration, PN (Particle Number) Concentration with SOx, NOx and other gases

  • Applications:

    • RDE (Real Driving Emissions) / PEMS (Portable Emission Measurement Systems)

    • Engines - Aviation, Rail, Automotive, Off-Road, Marine 

    • Power combustion and generator processes

    • Brake dust and tyre wear

    • Air quality - Indoor, Outdoor, Industrial Hygiene, Public Health

    • eCigarettes / Vaping and Tobacco

    • Pharmaceutical - MDI & DPI

    • Filtration 

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Analytical Services

Gravimetric and chemical analysis services for collected samples



Providing consultation on measurement requirements with free demos on most equipment to determine the most suitable aerosol measurement solutions 



  • Short-term and long term rentals
  • Financing options available also with hire with option to purchase or a hire-purchase arrangement

Liverpool John Moores University -

Development of Protocols for COVID-19 in Dental Practices 

Turbine emissions measurement